Best Mirrorless Cameras

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See the current list of the Best Mirrorless Cameras.

I previously wrote a post on the Best Digital SLR cameras.
I felt I had to include a list of the Best Mirrorless Cameras.  As in the previous post, these are based on best sellers according to Amazon.

>> Click the Amazon link to see the current list as it is continuously updated. <<
Some of these mirrorless cameras are body only, some include lenses and others are whole kits.


To start with, mirrorless cameras are compact because they don’t have a ‘mirror’ that reflects into the viewfinder the way standard DSLR cameras do.

Since these are mirrorless, there is no optical viewfinder.  These new cameras display the image onto the rear LCD screen or an electronic viewfinder.

So they are similar to a point-and-shoot camera except they have interchangeable lenses and better internal sensors.

We should also note that lens adapters are available making it possible to attach a variety of different manufacturer’s lenses.  If you own lenses already, do some research to make sure they can be used with any new mirrorless you buy.

As we said mirrorless cameras are compact in size which means portability. They are generally great for video content creators and bloggers as they are so easy to carry with you.

Let’s break out the mirrorless camera points:

  • Compact and Portable
  • Easy to Use. Similar to Point-and-Shoot Cameras
  • Interchangeable Lenses. 
  • Great For Shooting Video
  • Less Battery Life than DSLR Cameras
  • Perfect For Casual User to More Advanced User.

As for price, it’s hard to compare exactly.  It depends on the camera, lenses you buy and accessories. You can certainly find a good affordable mirrorless camera, but check online for current prices and deals.

Check the list above to learn and research which one might fit your needs. These are Amazon affiliate links.