Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition – Ready for Action

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Insta360 One R Options

Do we need more action cams? Yes we do..  This one is modular, you essentially plug it together with the components you need at the time and off you go.  I like the idea of this, it can change and grow with you. Who doesn’t like accessories?

Here are my initial questions:
How does the Insta360 ONE R work? and how do I use it?

This is a NEW cam so I’ve added the specs from the manufacturer below for you to read about.
It is sold in several configurations but the ‘twin edition’ is priced right at $479.99 US as of this writing.

  Check Out The Video:
Insta360 Twin
 Insta360 has announced an exciting new action camera: the ONE R Modular Action Cam system.
 It has a Core module with a touchscreen display and all the controls. Then, Mods or modules connect and can be used interchangeably with the Core.
So, you simply take the Core Mod, attach a camera Mod and then the battery base and you are set to go.  In this twin edition system you get a wide angle Mod and a 360-degree spherical VR camera.
 The Core module with the touchscreen and controls, and any other camera module mount side by side on the Battery Base.
 The 4K Mod also has FlowState Stabilization so your recordings come out smoother.

With the 360 Mod set up, the Core module’s live screen can be swiped in all directions to see your shot from all angles and get a full 360° preview.

The Insta360 ONE R is waterproof down to 16 feet.
An array of options are available such as their invisible selfie stick.
The Insta360 ONE R is now available. Check Here for their complete lineup.
 Insta360 One RInsta360 One R Spec
Insta360 One R Options

This looks like a great portable/action cam, certainly a rival to GoPro. I like the idea of plug-in mods that allow you to setup the cam the way you may want to use it that day.

What are your thoughts on this new cam from Insta360?
Have you used any previous cam from Insta360?