Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera

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Nikon D5100

The Nikon D5100 is aimed at beginners or casual photographers and is in the more affordable range of DSLRs. The D5100 is very easy to use and captures sharp 16.2 megapixel images or full hd 1080p videos. It is packed full of features for an entry level camera.

If you are familiar with other Nikon DSLRs the transition to the D5100 will feel right at home. Having said that, users of just about any other recent DSLR will find the controls and dials placed in similar locations. It has a 3 inch side-mounted LCD screen in back. The MENU button is on the back left, the multi-selector pad is on the back right. The D5100 has seven release modes. They are Single Frame, Continuous, Self-Timer, Delayed Remote, Quick Response Remote, Quiet Shutter Release. The MODE dial is on top and allows for full AUTO mode, or several advanced options. You can also select EFFECTS modes and SCENE modes. The metering modes are: matrix metering, center-weighted metering, spot metering. The Focus modes are: Continuous-servo auto, Single-servo auto, Automatic auto, as well as a 11 different focus points to calculate the correct focus.

Overall, the D5100 is a good quality entry to mid range option to consider when looking at DSLR cameras.  We’ve only covered a few of the settings in this post to keep it brief, but, it has a wide range of shooting options and controls, or just use AUTO mode if wanting to go that route. Definitely worth trying out and considering.