What is a gorilla tripod? And How Do You Use It?

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Gorilla Tripod
https://amzn.to/2tMsOEXJoby makes several different flexible tripods to support small cams up to larger and heavier cameras.
In essence, you use it as a tripod.

But the beauty of it is the flexible legs. You can manipulate and adjust the legs countless ways.

The Joby below is a larger one intended to hold heavier devices.

JOBY GorillaPod 3K Kit. Compact Tripod 3K Stand and Ballhead 3K for Compact Mirrorless Cameras

Watch The Video:


  • Flexible: Grip it. Wrap it. Stand it. Wrapable legs allow you to secure professional camera equipment to virtually any surface
  • Strong: Holds devices weighing up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Stable: Rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability in difficult terrain
  • Durable: Japanese medical-grade ABS plastic and German TPE for firm, secure joints

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Designed to support DSLR and mirrorless cameras or devices weighing up to 3kg (6.6lbs). With a 360° panning head and 90° tilt your GorillaPod 3K Kit is a must have for any photographer, cinematographer or vlogger.
GRIP IT. WRAP IT. STAND IT. Rubberized rings and foot grips provide enhanced stability in difficult terrain. Wrappable legs allow you to secure professional camera equipment to virtually any surface. Works with pro-level accessories like GripTight PRO Moun.

The tripod has gotten positive reviews:

 This acts like a tripod in places where its impossible to get a real tripod into! or bend all three legs and use it as a selfie stick. this is the perfect pod to do run and gun shooting for vlogs on youtube. The new 3k/2k/1k/5k models have enhanced glue on the ball joints so it wont go loose as quick as the previous older gen models. the panning mode on the ballhead is perfect, and comes in handy for those cinematic shots for sure. the material used is great and feels EXTREMELY sturdy in my hand. my DSLR didnt budge one bit while on this pod.

 -very light and compact for travel and very sturdy. I used it last at the Delicate Arch during sunset on an uneven “bowl” surface and I was able to adjust the legs. It held up my 5D Mark IV with 16-35 f/4L or 24-105L attached very well. I can’t wait to take this on my trip along the coast of Italy!

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