What is the best instant print camera? (fun)

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Kodak Instant Print

How do you compete in the crowded camera market today?

Well, you come up with a pretty cool idea.

KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera

This camera is compact in size, allows you to edit your pictures right there from the camera and then what’s more, you can print the pictures right there on the spot. All this in a camera the size of a phone.

What is an instant print camera?
The Kodak Smile camera looks like a lot of fun. You can see all the specs below but it uses a zero ink technology so all you do is load a paper cartridge. The prints are 2″x3″ in size. It also has an LCD screen so it is very much like a point-and-shoot camera but with printing capabilities. Also, I should note the photo paper has a sticky back, you just peel the backing and stick the picture anywhere you want.

SO MANY REASONS TO SMILE – The KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera Brings a Bundle of Cheer to Any Setting!


HAPPY LOOKS SO GOOD ON YOU – Step Out in Style w/ a Mini Camera-Printer Combo That’s Light, Slim & Small Like a Phone.

Carry it in a pocket or a bag, or it also comes with a carry strap if you choose.  What I’m getting at is it’s convenient to keep with you and then slide it open, take a picture or two, then makes some prints to keep or give away.

Tired of those bulky instant print cameras cramping your style?

Other printing cameras on the market are larger in size and take up too much room to carry with you all the time. With the new Smile Instant Print Digital Camera from KODAK you can snap, edit and share photographs anytime, anywhere, and in totally discreet fashion. You get to choose from different filters, can add borders or use what they call Photobooth, where you print out two photos of the same image. You load 10 sheets (one 10-pack) of KODAK ZINK Photo Paper into the camera.

Specs from Kodak:

  • Slide to open 10MP Camera w/8mm lens
  • LCD viewfinder with zoom and focus
  • HD clarity and color
  • Filters for flattering and other effects
  • MicroSD card reader
  • Touch control panel
  • 2 picture modes
  • zero ink technology – no film or cartridge needed
  • 2″x3″ ZINK photo paper
  • durable case and variety of colors
  • Dimensions: 4.875′′ L x 3.125′′ W x 0.938′′ H

Checking user responses to this camera, most everyone said they liked the compact size and that it was fun to use at parties. That makes sense of course..

If this camera looks like the one for you, check it out from Kodak’s Site or see it and check the current price from my Amazon affiliate link: KODAK Smile Instant Camera.


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