Are DSLR Cameras Good For Vlogging?

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DSLR Vlogging
DSLR Vlogging

Vlogging is more popular than ever, and will continue to be so in at least the near future. Heck, even pets have their own video blogs these days.
If you are looking to join the ranks of internet video stars, and are wondering if DSLR cameras are good for vlogging, this article will be of interest to you. I’ll discuss DSLR cameras and their usefulness in shooting video.

Are DSLR cameras good for vlogging?

DSLR’s are a great option for shooting videos and vlogs. Although you can shoot your vlog on any device, even a smartphone, a DSLR ensures a great quality product. DSLR’s provide superior video and offer options not available on lesser equipment.

There are some considerations to think about when shooting vlogs.

  • Make sure you have access to an external microphone port. The sound quality of DSLR internal microphone will generally not be preferred. Instead, connect an external microphone to obtain the best sound quality.
  • Make sure the camera’s LCD lens can be flipped and pointed toward the front of the camera so you can what’s in frame as you record yourself.
  • Make sure to use the DSLR’s auto-focus settings. There are several options for what the camera autofocus’ on. Select the one that will focus on you as the subject.

The great thing about a DSLR camera is it’s versatility. You can buy several lenses to use for filming which will provide more interesting shots.

Make sure to use the image stabilization the camera has to offer. This goes a long way to producing professional looking videos.

A bonus option many DSLR’s have these days is WIFI connectivity. It is very convenient to have you video or photos downloaded seemlessly to your computer.

Pros Of DSLR Camera For Vlogging
LCD Screen Flips Out
Quick Autofocus
Variety Of Lens Choices
Large Sensor Produces Great Images

What type of camera do vloggers use?

Vloggers use all types of cameras. Many smartphones available today take really good video and you might already own one. The biggest point to make is that you can shoot better quality video with a DSLR camera over a phone.
If you are just starting out, try filming with your phone first to learn and understand how to setup shots as well as how to capture decent audio. On that note, start planning out the scope of your videos.

You want to tell a story for your viewers.

Pre-plan some talking points you want to cover and think about how the lighting looks and as always get good audio. Remember you can always edit in post where you can add background music as well.
Consider moving up to the next level with a DLSR camera though at some point.

What equipment do I need to start vlogging?

As I stated earlier, you can start with just your smartphone’s camera, as this is a great way to learn.
For advice on what you need for vlogging, a good quality camera and external microphone are two of the essentials for professional looking results.

Paired with those, think about how you want to edit your videos. Again, you can use free video editing software that might suit you just fine. Down the road you can always invest in a better video editing package.

Optional equipment you might find useful are studio lighting kits and or gimbals.  Studio lighting kits can be found inexpensively and gimbals are used to keep shots steady during a lot of movement.

Do you need a microphone for vlogging?

DSLR Equipment

Yes. We’ve all watched videos with poor sound quality. If you are taking the time and effort to even make and show a video, at least take the time to make sure the audio is up to speed.
Just buy an external microphone, either one that mounts to the camera or better yet, one that clips on the lapel or clothes of the subject.
This is a big deal. The sound quality is a make or break issue with most viewers. They are very quick to move on to the next video if yours has poor audio.

Speaking of audio, it’s worth noting that you can add background or voice-over audio to your videos with editing software. This might not always be appropriate but could come in handy.

Is a vlogging camera expensive?

It doesn’t have to be. You can buy a good DSLR camera for a couple hundred dollars and add to it an external microphone for cheap.
You can however spend several thousand dollars on a camera if you desire. One with all the bells and whistles and lenses, etc.  This kind of power isn’t probably needed for most of the vloggers out there.
Just buy the best you can afford, one with auto-focus, a good LCD screen, and stabilization. Also buy some memory cards to hold all the video you’ll shoot.

Don’t forget to look at camera package deals or kits.  There are pretty good kits out there that come with external microphones and/or lights or other accessories.
Check out B&H Photo And Video, they are a great resource DSLR equipment.

What’s the takeaway?

It seems almost everyone has a vlog these days. Invest in some good equipment including a DSLR camera to rise above the masses and shine with the best of them. Producing professional looking videos is a combination of practice and solid equipment. Spend time on both these aspects to draw viewers in and keep their attention. Visit a local DSLR camera shop to test and try-out several DSLRs and when ready, get out there and start filming.

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